Everything You Need to Know about Cox TV 

We all know cord cutting has become much popular in recent years! Thanks to the rise in video streaming platforms. If you are not familiar, then cord cutting is the process of canceling cable subscriptions and choosing video streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime. So they can watch unlimited movies and shows. 

A cable TV package locks you in a set number of channels, unlike a video streaming platform. Despite the popularity of video streaming platforms, people are still choosing cable TV services because it still gives access to a number of channels. By contrast, Netflix or Amazon Prime are not channels, and they do not even offer a number of channels. Rather they are a platform that offers a variety of TV shows and movies that one can watch. This is the major reason people look for cable TV providers so they can watch their favorite TV channels, which include sports, news, and several other channels. You can check out TV and internet packages to find a comprehensive list of providers that offers excellent packages.

But, if you are someone who is looking for top-notch cable TV services, then you should choose Cox TV. Read this blog to know more about its services. 

About Cox Communications 

Cox Communications is the third largest cable provider in the United States. It has always worked to give its consumers high-quality services. In the age of connectivity, Cox Communications is able to provide internet, TV, and home automation services.

The services are available in eighteen states of America, so contact the support team before deciding on anything. It serves millions of American households. Apart from that, the provider is committed to creating more meaningful human connections. You can even enter your zip code to see whether the services are available in your state or not. 

What Is Cox TV? 

Unlike other service providers, Cox allows you to sign up for the TV package or bundle it with internet service for more discounts and benefits. 

Cox offers several ways via which customers can watch TV! It offers four different packages to satisfy the entertainment needs of the users. With Cox TV, your home can turn into an ultimate entertainment hub. 

It also offers three DVR rental options depending on the recording needs of the subscriber. One can rent Record 2-HD DVR, Record 6-HD DVR, and Record 24-HD DVR. Do not worry! All the packages offer value for money. Some of the packages are listed below. 

Cox TV Starter

If you choose the starter bundle, you will have to pay $53.00 per month, and you will get access to 75+ channels. Some of the channels that are included in the package are CBS, FOX, ABC, PBS, and so on! 

Contour TV Preferred 

You can choose Contour TV’s preferred package if you are interested in watching TV on several screens rather than sitting on your couch. If you subscribe to this package, then you can watch TV on five devices. This package is flexible and one you can simply watch TV on your own terms.

In this package, you get access to the COX TV starter channels. Not only that, you can also choose more famous channels such as CNN, AMC, Comedy Central, and much more. This package will cost you around $98.00 per month, and you will get access to 140+ channels. 

Contour TV Preferred Plus

The Contour TV preferred plus is a premium package for the ones who love watching TV. It costs around $118.0 per month. It offers more variety of content as you get access to local channels as well other famous channels such as TruTV, HGTV, Disney Channel, and much more. You will get access to more than 170 channels.  

In this package, some of the most entertaining channels are included. If you love watching television, you will get a plethora of sports, news, food, and music channels. 

Contour TV Ultimate

For those who do not like compromising on their entertainment needs, then this package is for you! 

Without a doubt, this is the golden TV tier that the provider offers. It is the ultimate package as it combines high-definition programming, Live TV streaming, an extensive On Demand library, and much more. This means you will get an advanced cable connection that will completely change your entertainment needs. 

The provider offers you the option to choose from over 250 channels in its line-up. Some of the premium channels include Cinemax, Starz, HBO, and so on! The cost of this package is only $138.00 per month. It is worth the investment because no other provider can offer this golden package to you at this price. 

In Brief

We hope you are going to choose the best cable TV services in America! The trend of binge-watching has surely transformed our lives. Of course, you are free to choose any other streaming platform, but we suggest choosing Cox Communications! It offers excellent cable and internet services to American households. 


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