Unlock the World of Italian Entertainment: Stream Mediaset Infinity in Germany and Beyond

The expansion of Mediaset, Italy’s leading commercial broadcaster, into Germany marks a significant development in the European media landscape. This move is part of Mediaset’s broader strategy to create a pan-European media group, capable of competing with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The company’s strategic expansion has seen the relaunch of its streaming platform, mediaset infinity in germania Infinity, and the appointment of key personnel to oversee its growth in the German market.

Mediaset Infinity, a comprehensive streaming service, combines free-to-air channels, on-demand movies and series, and premium sports content, including UEFA Champions League football. The service offers a unique “experimental pyramid offering,” which at its base includes all Mediaset network content and new digital-first exclusive content. Climbing the pyramid, subscribers can access on-demand movies and series, including high-profile international shows in 4K resolution, and an array of premium channels focusing on series, sports, documentaries, and children’s programming. The pinnacle of the service features Mediaset’s coverage of the UEFA Champions League. However, it’s worth noting that the service excludes certain sports content such as Italy’s Serie A football, which is held by other broadcasters​​.

To spearhead its expansion in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (the DACH region), Mediaset, now known as MediaForEurope (MFE), appointed Katharina Behrends, a former NBCUniversal executive. Behrends brings extensive experience from her previous leadership roles and is recognized for her successful establishment of the pay-TV business model in German-speaking regions and other parts of Europe. Her primary responsibility is to enhance MFE’s presence in the region, including opening a German office in Munich. Behrends’ role is crucial in fostering collaboration among European media companies and developing strategies to remain competitive against international media conglomerates and streaming giants. The aim is to create innovative business models that ensure long-term success, growth, and future expansion​​.

Furthermore, Mediaset’s strategic approach to expansion involves cross-border alliances and consolidating its presence across Europe. This strategy is evident in its decision to move its legal base to the Netherlands, creating a neutral platform for a pan-European content and entertainment group. The company believes that cross-country consolidation is more viable than in-country, allowing for a diversified and stronger presence across Europe. Mediaset also holds a significant stake in the German media group ProSiebenSat.1, further solidifying its position in the German market. This stake is indicative of Mediaset’s commitment to expanding its influence and reach across Europe, counteracting the competitive threat posed by global streaming services​​​​.

In summary, Mediaset’s expansion into Germany is a critical component of its strategy to establish a strong, consolidated European media group. This move, characterized by the relaunch of Mediaset Infinity, the appointment of Katharina Behrends, and strategic investments in other European media entities, reflects the company’s ambition to become a formidable player in the competitive European media industry.

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